Founded in late 2006 by Andy Humphrey, EcoMowers is refining the niche “green mower” market even further. We offer environmentally friendly lawn mowers from our headquarters in Traverse City, Mich.

The term "reel mowers" is old and boring, so we've reinvented it!  Our trademark brand "ecomowers" is new, fun, and easy to remember.  By keeping our product line as narrow as possible our idea is to turn "ecomowers" into a new garden category (we need your help, please tell your friends...). 

The mowers we offer have been hand selected and personally tested to represent the best in class available anywhere.  Good luck finding more than 3+ reel mowers in your local hardware store - you will not find them.  Maybe 1 old, heavy, clunker if you're lucky.  We offer the best selection of reel mowers - period. 

Let us know what you think of our mowers, our website, and our brand.

Thank you for choosing to shop at!

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