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Yard Camel Irrigation System
Yard Camel Portable Temporary Irrigation System


The Yard Camel is a premier portable and temporary irrigation system. Spend less time worrying about your new sod or seed, and let the Yard Camel water it automatically!

- Establishes new lawns
- Protects your landscape investment
- Water while you're away
- Reusable during hot & dry months
- Automatic watering, economical price
List Price: $514.50
Our Price: $355.00
You save $159.50!

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Info Assembly Guide

Q: What size of hoses do I need?
A: The best size hoses to use are 3/4", instead of 5/8". All hoses have 3/4" fittings on the ends but the diameter of the hose varies. 3/4" is the best because it has less restriction and allows for less pressure loss.

Q: How much area will one of the sprinkler heads cover?
A: Each sprinkler head will throw approximately an 80ft diameter. That's assuming you have at least 50 psi and 6 to 8 gallons per minute (gpm) from your water source. An 80ft diameter is approximately 5,000 square feet. So if you had all 8 sprinkler heads set-up you could cover around 40,000 square feet. (an acre is 43,560 sq/ft) By timing how long it takes to fill up a 5 gallon bucket from your water source, will tell you how many gallons per minute you have to work with. (ie. 30 seconds to fill = 10 gpm)

Q: Will the Yard Camel boost my pressure?
A: No. Only an electrical pump will do that.

Q: How many sprinklers can I run at one time?
A: This depends on how much water and pressure you have available from your water source. The valves in the Yard Camel box will flow enough water to run 2 to 3 sprinklers. Included in your Yard Camel is 8 heads which is 2 per valve. You might find that you have low pressure and low flow and can only run 1 sprinkler per valve.

Q: How many valves will the controller turn on at one time?
A: Only 1 valve at a time can operate. (which, in most cases means 2 sprinkler heads)

Q: How may times a day will the controller start?
A: The controller has 3 programs on it, which means you can program it to come on 3 different times per day based on your specific needs. You may choose 6am, Noon and 6pm if you are trying to establish seed or growing in sod.

Q: How long should I let my sprinklers run?
A: This depends on what your watering and what type of soil you have. The heavier the soil (clay) the shorter the run time, because the soil can't accept the water fast enough and it starts to run off. If your soil is sandy than you need to run your sprinklers longer so the grass or seed can get enough water. If your watering seed its more important to keep it wet most of the day, than watering it for a long time. If you water it to long it will wash away the seed. You should probably run your sprinklers for between 10 and 20 minutes on seed and 20+ minutes on sod.

Q: Can I control the times for each valve separately?
A: Yes. Each valve can be independently programmed from 1 to 99 minutes of run time. So for example you could have valve 1 run for 10 min, valve 2 for 35 min, and so on.

Q: Can I leave the Yard Camel outside?
A: Yes. The Yard Camel is housed in a weather resistant carrying case.

Q: What kind of batteries does the Yard Camel use?
A: The Yard Camel uses 3 "AA" batteries, which are included. You should plan to replace the batteries once a year.

Q: What's that extra outlet on the side for?
A: That's for extending your system if you have a large area. The bypass port on the side allows you to attach a hose and run it to another area and hook up another Yard Camel. That outlet keeps you from having to run the hose all the way back to your original water source and lets you daisy chain your Yard Camel's together.

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