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"I am THRILLED with my new mower. It cuts extremely well. And it is amazingly light. My kids love to have turns using it, and they can really push it, even the 5 yr old. So I want to take good care of this fine machine. Thanks for your help - and for the great price on this awesome mower. I hope that I can get everyone in my neighborhood using these and put an end to the constant roar of gas mowers." -Bruce Elliot, NH

"I love the mower so much I''d do a commercial for you for free (!) A mower that works for a 5''2" woman, doesn''t spew obnoxious fumes or drag me along behind it. . ." -Leslie Darienzo, Kennebunk ME

"My wife and I pay around $160 a month to have our lawn mowed. It's a nice convenience, but it's getting expensive. I know we can do this - and save money. With our new Brill reel mower, not only will we save money but I know we will be doing our part to cut-down on gas usage and harmful emissions." -Keith Holmes, IN

"It really cuts well. I have used reel mowers before and they were not too effective. I imagine that on a real grass lawn it would be soooo easy. It took me less then 10 minutes to do the front where it wasn''t as long so that was fun. The only problem with the front is that people want to stop and talk with a power mower they don''t, of course. Now all I need is to get the old Maytag wringer washer from gmoms and I will be a real eccentric, as if I am not already!" -Kristen Nesbitt, PA

"I love it!!!! It took about 15 minutes to get it put together and then I mowed the small side yard that we have. The grass was about six inches tall (it had been sodded about three weeks ago), but I set the mower for the tallest heighth and it mowed wonderfully. It is a wonderful little, light weight machine. (Brill 38)." -Don Kleiber, GA

"I'm soooo excited to find you!" -Catherine Courtney, AR

"Thanks for the support. I mowed this weekend and the Brill was great. Although the the sound of distant 2-stroke gasoline engines echoed in the neighborhood, I happily pushed my my quiet little eco-mower around the yard. I finished mowing in the same time that it would of taken me if I''d used my old gas-powered beast. I didn''t breathe any exhaust, my hands did not smell like gasoline and my neighbors got to sleep in." -Rob, Centennial, Colorado

"Your website is great. Ordering is easy. Thanks for free shipping!!" -Ira, Bainbridge Island, WA

"I received my mower and am happy to report it is in good working order. I mowed my lawn with it and it was actually fun. I know I got exercise as well." -Thank you, Teresa Tromp

"Great. Thanks for the news. Mower works wonderfully. The family fights over who gets to use it." -Colin

"I received the LMM40. It took only a few minutes to assemble and I now have most of the yard mowed. I am pleased with it." -Mark Leach

"I am very pleased with the product and enjoy the extra work that is now involved in my lawn maintenance--good for me and the environment too." -James Reed, Petersburg IL

"I've been meaning to contact you about returning my Brill mower. No way! I love it. It works so much better than the S-brand I tried a couple of year ago. Now that I''m cutting lower, I discovered that I needed to de-thatch the lawn; an issue that taller grass was hiding. I''ve done that, seeded, fertilized, and looking forward to a healthier lawn. Thanks for carrying this great mower." -Parker Springfield, OH

"I did mow a little this afternoon and it was tremendous. My 4 year old grandson helped, and had a blast. "He was really working!" - Jan Stuteville

"When it first arrived it had been at least 2 weeks since the we last cut our grass. The MM1 had little trouble plowing through the really tall spots (8" plus in some spots). True, it took a little effort, but more exercise was one of the reasons we got this mower in the first place. Our yard is on a gentle slope and a real mish mash of different grass types and growing speeds. Because of this, I had my doubts as to how well a reel mower would work. I am happy to report that the MM1 exceeded my expectations and makes for a very enjoyable and guilt free mowing experience." -Christopher Stygar

"Thank you again for your excellent service, I must say that it stood out." -Adam Swenson

"The mower is just great, a great improvement over my rusty ol'' gas powered tiff reel mower. Feel greener, mow more often for a better lawn now." -Eric Morrison

"We tried (the whole family including our two years old son) the Brill as soon as it arrived and are very pleased. It feels quality and should last us a long time. Mowing is a pleasure and the grass looks beautiful and different. Our son was refusing us to use the gas mower yesterday he was singing and running in joy while we were mowing! Thank you." -Erick, Fair Oaks CA

"I received my Brill RazorCut 38 in the mail about two hours ago from EcoMowers and have been out in the backyard cutting for the last 1:45 minutes. WHOA! This thing WORKS! It REALLY works well! It''s amazingly easy to push and maneuver. I have been cutting lawns with power movers off and on for the last 30 years. Forget that noise. With the gas prices the way they are and the effortless, clean, smooth cutting of the Brill RazorCut, I now have a hard time believing why in the world anyone would waste gas, their back and time with a power mower. Get a Brill. Yea, only after just under two hours of hours of using it I''m a believer." -Steve, Anchorage AK

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