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Which Mower is Right for You?

When comparing push reel ecomowers it is important to remember that all models featured on our website are simply the best reel mowers available today.  We have thoroughly tested most every reel mower model (even those manufactured and sold in other countries) and have selected these 2 brands as the very best.  We guarantee that which every mower you choose, you will be truly surprised and smile with amazement.

It would be false for us to claim that the mowers featured on our site are perfect for every lawn across America.  There are instances where a reel mower is just not the right fit, however, reel mowers perform optimally and are fantastic for use on small lots which are free of bumps, rocks, sticks, weeds, and other debris.  Reel mowers have been the choice of the professional lawn industry including golf courses, professional athletics, and stadiums.  For more information on this topic please visit our mower learning center.

So, which mower should you choose?

This is like deciding between a BMW and a Toyota.  As we mentioned before both of these brands are the very best.  Brill mowers are known for superior German manufacturing and precision blade technology, as well as artistic industrial design.  If you are not shopping under a financial budget, the Brill mower is the best choice and our most popular.  Brill also offers smaller (33cm) model, however, we find no particular advantages - If you're going to spend over $200, you ought to buy the Brill RazorCut 38.

The Sunlawn models are designed and engineered to be similar in features and cutting techniques - including the silent contact free cutting system.  Both the LMM35 and the LMM40 are very light and easy to use, and will last for many years.  During use, handling a Sunlawn mower has a slightly looser feel but is nothing to write home about.  A looser feel does not mean that we experience many Sunlawn returns, both mowers brands a similar return ratios.  It is simply a feeling and not tied to the mowing results or quality.

With this is mind, most of the  mowers which are returned to us are  returned for similar reasons.  These reasons include:

"my grass was too long to cut"
"my yard was uneven and bumpy"
"my yard was too big, although I thought I could handle it..."
"I decided to pay my lawn care company"
"It rains a lot in my town and the grass is always wet"
"I travel frequently, which causes my grass to grow too long"

Ecomowers Are:

Conscious - proven environmentally responsible

Simple - just push, mow, and store it.  You won't find this anywhere else

Healthy & Safe - enjoyable exercise even for the whole family

Tough designed to outlast any other mower even after years of continuous use


The True EcoMowers Difference

When considering the purchase of a reel-mower, don't be fooled by claims that a higher cutting height is better.  The reel measure of height and mowing frequency depends on each species of turf grass.  Turf grass experts recommend frequency of cut versus length of cut, never cutting more the 1/3 the grass height at any one time.  To maintain a grass height of 2 1/2 inches you will want to mow when the grass is no taller than 4 inches.  Click here for more info on this topic:

Order Now!
Buying your new Ecomower is easy - you can order securely online at www.ecomowers.com, or call 1-888-ECO-MOWERS (326-6693).

Your new Ecomower is delivered to your home or business in a compact, neatly packaged box via DHL.  Just attach the handle bars and you're ready to ecomow!  No need to mix gas and oil, or wait for a battery to charge up, 10-15 minutes for assembly is all it takes!  No tools required.

If this is the first mower you have purchased online, congratulations!  Most of the models featured on at ecomowers.com are not found in large box store retailers.  Those are mostly of the older generation.  Out of the box, our mowers have nothing to adjust, and there is practically no assembly...what could be easier?

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