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Are you looking for reviews for the new Fiskars Momentum mower?  We've have them - and they are not filtered in any way!  Read the Fiskars mower reviews here.

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"I got to use the mower for the first time this weekend. Everything was great. Easy to push, turn, up hills, down hills, narrow spots, around trees. All of it will take some getting used to, as I've never used a reel mower before, but the overall experience was akin to using my parents old gas push mower, before they got a self propelled version. Easy to push and use."

"I have not actually used my new Momentum because the grass is not yet growing here in Minneapolis. But, I can say that the quality of this machine is great. Can't wait to start mowing!"

"The product looks great and is very easy to assemble. Anyone could do this in less than a 1/2 hour. There are 4 bolts and 2 pins, that's it! The base comes fully assembled, and the handle pieces together using the 4 bolts while the 2 pins secure the handle to the base. Amazing engineering. Directions were detailed, and easy to follow. I'll post about the mowing experience tomorrow once I give it the first run."

"Easy to assemble , however don't like the way the hex bolt goes into hole can be tricky.Destroyed the parkway on the side of my house which must of been over 4 - 5 inches of clover , catch is a little silly as now i have to rake all that stuff up...[...] it came in was glossy finish, this is not eco friendly as flat ink."
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